Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Tip with Shirl

Hi everyone, I've got a few things to show you today, you are probably aware that my favourite style of scrapping is vintage/distressed..I've just got a quick tip on how to acheive an aged look on your paper in a few easy steps..

1st up choose your paper..I usually rip down one side, rip the paper towards yourself then you'll see the layer of the paper underneath...I use the Heidi Swapp edge distresser but the blade of a pair od sissors works just as good..I'm pretty rough when I distress and I don't mind if the paper rips chucks out!

Then I run my ink pad around the edges..again very roughly then I sometimes crease or pinch parts of the paper then very gently run your ink pad over the creased parts and the ink will appear on the raised parts of the paper...this give's it a very old look...just keep inking until you are happy! Very easy!

This is my latest vintage layout...as you can se I LOVE clocks! I had this idea to go crazy with clocks, so I just stamped heaps of then onto a scrap bit of paper (I used the Kaisercraft Clock stamps from the Q1 release "Duchess")
The I just cut them all out with my circle cutter and mounted them at different heights using foam tape...I love how it turned out! Its very easy to get a vintage effect, I just rip bits of paper off or lace or whatever I find and stick them under other bits...layering is a great way to achieve depth on a page...

Now Paper flowers .....we all have 100's of them but I found I was'nt using them as much as I used to as I wanted to use flowers with a more 3d effect (like the Yummy Prima flowers) I went playing with flowers the other day and found it was simple to completly change the apperance of them...just by layering a number of flowers together and securing them with a small brad....

Then Give it a spray with some Glimmermist or even just some water in  a spray bottle and then give the smaller flowers a bit of a "scrunch" between your fingers...& hey presto..awesome flowers !!!!

The Glimmermist adds some lovely sparkle to the paper flowers, the finished flower (above) looks a bit darker as its still a bit wet....

You can see the difference it makes to the appearence of the flowers...
Add a bit more spray & keep scrunching until you are happy...I've done heaps on them and they look great on cards....
Well everyone....HAPPY SCRAPPING & give my flowers a go! so easy yet very effective!
Have a great week!

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  1. FANTASTIC tips Shirl - I have always wondered how you do that aged effect on paper..
    Those flowers look great too - so different than when they started out!

    Awesome ideas!