Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Tip - Rubons and a Chocolate Extra!!

Hi Everyone - Lowri here.

My Tuesday tip this week is - why not create some customised tableware (temporary but fun ) using rub-ons. You could easily take some small rubons you are not using and make a set of these up for a baby shower, wedding, birthday party etc

They are really simple and fun, but the great thing is that you could adapt them to any occasion.
Rubons - Not Just for Paper!
These are NOT just for paper anymore - here are a couple of examples where I have applied them to china for a one-off occasion.

(Rubons from Kaisercraft)

Valentines Day

Themed Party

Each of these examples is just a simple rub-on onto some whiteware. You need to make sure your piece is very clean - and use some window/glasses cleaner to remove all traces of grease before you start. Then simply apply as you would to paper - making sure you press firmly into all the corners. I find the china less forgiving than paper in this regard! When you are done using the piece and want to restore it to its original state, simply rub-off or use a craft knife to lightly scrape.

I have had limited success in trying this technique onto glass but it can definitely be done! Try Google for some good examples.

Now - you might have noticed that these are filled with some rather gorgeous chocolates.

Well - I made them and here is how!
This was SO much fun - and very simple. It is a little time consuming as you need to let the chocolate harden each time, but you could easily complete these in one evening.

You will need some white chocolate (I used Milky Bar), a chocolate mold and some POWDERED food colouring (I used ChefMaster). Do not be tempted to use any other coloring - it will not work and your chocolate will be good for nothing other than spreading on greaseproof paper, refrigerating and feeding to your family!

Simply melt the white chocolate and spoon into 6 molds. Add a pinch of color and spoon into 6 more molds.

Refrigerate to harden and then remove from molds. Add a little more color to the remaining chocolate, spoon into molds and simply repeat - intensifying the color each time by adding more of the power color. It's so easy and if it all goes horribly wrong - you just spread it out, refrigerate give it to the kids/husband/dog and start again another day!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas!

Lowri :-)


  1. Splendid ideas!! I was supposed to be creating tonight - but I've found myself blog-hopping and Face-booking!

  2. These look fab- laughed at the comment about using powdered food colouring. I had to colour some fondant icing, and you are supposed to use a special thick paste type of colouring. I didn't have any, so thought normal colouring should be okay. Wrong!!!I just had a heap of gooey mess,lol.