Thursday, May 19, 2011

SENZ Weekly Wednesday - Edition Two

What a week!! SENZ has consumed our minds this week. I've spent dozens of hours on the SENZ and Artfull Crafts website preparing for the Class Releases to the VIP's Friday at 8:30am!

Yes it's come around that quickly. We hope you will LOVE the classes that we have prepared for you. If you thought the Artfull Crafts stall looked amazing last year, then just wait until you see the 2011 classroom! You deserve to craft in the best environment – so we’re going to surprise you with creative displays, table-settings, spot prizes and the opportunity to pre-order new Kaisercraft Collections. Remember SENZ is not just a shopping trip, it's an experience!

We'll be presenting 8 classes in total. The Kaisercraft girls from Australia (Melissa Kennedy and Al Hannah) will be running 1 card class, 2 double-layout classes and 2 fabulous projects. Betsy Clark will be back with her distinctive style of beautiful, fussy cards, and Liz Gregory and friends will be entertaining you with some make-up and madness! If you don't have a VIP pass you'll have to wait until they go live on Monday morning.

Here are some sneak peeks of Betsy's card classes:

As well as preparing the classes we've also been into ordering mode. You wouldn't believe the number of companies we have ordered from just to put the class kits together. Everything will start to arrive in the next week or two - so you can just imagine the time and effort that will go into putting them together.

We've booked the air tickets for our International Tutors and we've found a great place to stay! Stay tuned for more updates on the event of the year.

In the meantime we're busy preparing for the Artfull Getaway event at Queen's Birthday weekend! We sure don't do thinkgs by halves. If you are interested in that event then head to the Getaway link and check out the classes on offer. It's an absolute bargain of a weekend...

Oh and did I forget to add that we also launched our new website look last night! Go and have a look and become a Facebook friend (right hand side of website)! If we get to 500 people by Wednesday midnight 25th May we're going to giveaway a Martha Stewart Edger punch (your choice) to one lucky follower! So send the message out around your friends and help us celebrate!!

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  1. Betsy's cards look gorgeous! Wish I could come to SENZ (its a little too far from Brisbane)