Saturday, April 6, 2013

Caught on Camera!!! Can you spot the famous faces?! Will you help us win?

Hi everyone
Click here to see the much-awaited professionally produced video of budding Artfull Crafts' actors and a few famous special invited guests! Do you recognise anyone??!! And check out the shoes we were wearing...

It's only a 2 minute clip and you'll be tapping your feet at the end of it! It will also help us win the regional $10,000 prize pack. There are also $100 worth of Artfull Crafts vouchers to be won. Click here before the phone rings!

Tell A Friend Campaign Story so far...
Remember last year we got South Cantabrians to create layouts showing why they love living in here? Well that community scrapbook got us to the finals! Yipppeee :-) There are six finalists in total.

We then had a professional video crew turn up to shoot some footage of us playing and then crafting. We had a FUN day in front of the cameras. >>> Click to view>>>

Finally, last night the 2 min video clip was launched at a swanky function in Timaru with over 120 people in attendance. It's this clip that needs to go VIRAL and have as many different people view it as possible. The one with the most views wins the $10,000 prize package (includes local business vouchers, food, petrol etc).

We promised to share the prize with the people who helped contribute to the original submission AND with you loyal customers who are willing to view, like, comment and share on Facebook. Here's the link if you want to email it to your crafty friends to watch! Either: or

Each day there will be a Treasure Hunt question on Facebook and each time you answer a question you'll go in the draw to win $100 worth of vouchers from Artfull Crafts!

Many thanks for your awesome support! We have until May 3rd to promote this video as much as possible! And don't forget to watch the video now and spend 2 minutes reminding yourself of why you love crafting.

:-) Liz and the Team

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