Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Countdown - 5 weeks to go! Decoration Week...

It's time to start thinking about decorating the tree! Will you join us this week and send us a decoration idea? If so you'll go in the draw to win a selection of the new Little Yellow Bicycle papers that are arriving this week. Get your entries to us by 6pm Sunday 28th Nov and we'll load them up in the Competition Gallery. That's where all your projects get showcased. There are some really great ideas in their from the public and everyone goes in the draw to win something. I loved looking at the stocking stuffer/scraps ideas!

We had fun at the Midnight Madness this week and we all got a bit silly as the night went on! You can tell by the comments that were written on the projects (Competition Gallery) that it was getting late. One of our regulars has won the prize this week - Kathy C! Well done! We'll give you the prize next time you're in the shop.

Thanks to all the Design Team members. They are putting in a fab effort with the Christmas Countdown. I know they apprectiate the comments you leave. I'm being so inspired by them too!

Well it's been a busy week for us. We got the keys for the new shop - so I have been naughty again and haven't made anything myself for the blog! But Betsy did pay me a visit and she brought in the canvas that she's been working on for her grand-daughter. Betsy only makes cards (so she says) so I think you'll be suitably impressed with what she's completed...

I love this collection of flowers. The one on the right is from the Kaiser blog a few weeks ago and it's so effective and simple!

Anyway, I do have something to show you. We got the keys to the new shop this week and this weekend we removed walls and relocated a 1/2 glass partition into an office wall. Viv, Mark and Genevieve came over and the girls cleaned windows while the boys finished the DIY. Cheers!

Here's the shop front. Pretty stocked with the HUGE shop frontage. Great for displays etc.

I've got the key!

Viv and Genevieve scraping sellotape off the windows!
Do you think the broom is too big?! This is where those huge new couches will be living...
Removing one of the walls to make an even bigger shop.
Yay all done! This room will be the Kaisercraft space.

We were going to spend today painting - but the sun came out and so we decided to move furniture instead. Graham and I were both a bit weak and slow today though. We think the fresh air is making us a bit too relaxed! Tomorrow we are going to cover up the windows so noone can see in... Then we'll get the spray gun out.

So we'll give you another update soon... Join in the fun this week and send us your decoration ideas...
:-) Liz


  1. Liz..the new shop looks fantastic & A kaisercraft room!!!! what a great idea!!
    oh & Betsy..great work..I love the canvas

  2. Great to see photos of the new store! Cant wait to see photos of it all done since im geographically challenged LOL

  3. It looks so awesome! I can't wait to visit soon!

  4. Sending in my tree decor project now. Thanks for such a fun challenge.