Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Clarissa - Homemade Gifts

Favourite Christmas Recipes
Hi Christmas Crafters!  For my homemade gift I decided to go sentimental and make an heirloom for my family of all our favourite Christmas recipes.  I've used a Kaisercraft Scallop Tree Album and compiled the recipes that we use every year all into one handy place.  

Some of these recipes are third generation now, and I think recipes are a wonderful part of Christmas tradition that can be handed down.  Hopefully my children will treasure them for the memories they'll have of all our Christmas meals together.

I've covered each side with paper from the Kaisercraft 'Tis the Season range and used the holly chipboard to decorate.  I cut the right sized triangles to fit each page out of plain paper first.  Then I typed up each recipe on the computer, centred the text and printed them on plain paper to make sure they would fit within the triangle shape.  Then position your chosen paper over the printed text, secure it with a piece of double sided tape and pop it back through the printer. If you like your own writing, it would look lovely if the recipes were handwritten and would give an extra special personal touch to the gift.