Monday, November 15, 2010

Some girly things to fill those stockings...

As a mother to two girls (10 and 15years), it can get expensive buying girly things for their hair.  My daughter wanted to buy a hair clip for $4.95 during last weeks shopping.  Instead, I  bough a 10-pack of clips for a dollar less and made my own using some material scraps and a bit of bling from my stash.

I cut the fabric and held it over a tealight candle to seal the edges with the heat (do this near your sink, just in case).  This works best on synthetic materials, and all react differently.  You can get some cool ruffled effects if you experiment.  The trusty hot glue gun stuck it all together, but you could easily sew it onto the clip.


I also grabbed some combs

...and some headbands.   My girls are fighting over the white one, so I will have to reproduce that to avoid dramas on Christmas morning

If  you use pinking shears, it will stop your fabric from fraying, otherwise you could use some Stickles or Kindyglitz around the edges.

 I also made a cute vintage pincushion using ribbons and laces from my stash, and a bit of calico that I had.  It honestly took about three minutes in total to make, and would be a lovely gift for someone who sews. 


  1. Wow these are amazing...what little girl would,nt want one of these!

  2. Dakota wore one to school today, and now I have orders from her school friends!

  3. Fantastic Tina - they are gorgeous!