Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stocking Stuffers & Scraps - Shirl

Hi Everyone...
Geezzz this was a hard one and I had to really put my thinking cap on!!!
I came up with these cute peg little note holders....very basic!
just a wooden peg, covered with a strip of scrap paper, some mini alpha's
& embellies and a magnetic strip on the you can put them on the fridge!

I also made a Christmas card garland, to display your cards...


the other night while reading in bed, I noticed my bookmark (which is a supermarket docket!!)  mmmm I thought ...I could make some out of thats what I did, again very simple, I just put an eyelet in the end and some ribbon/lace/ could really personalize these and give them with a book as a gift, my friend who is a book worm will be getting one for christmas!! I'm sure she'll love it!

Have a great week everyone !!


  1. Great ideas Shirl - that peg garland is an awesome idea! Love the bookmarks too - it's the kind of gift that everyone uses and remembers long after Christmas - especially if it is handmade! Lowri

  2. Yes great idea! I have heaps of those pegs here. I think I will do the pegs for the Kid's class I've got coming up! Thanks for the inspiration :-) Liz