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Christmas Countdown Week 7

Hi Everyone - Lowri here and welcome to Week Seven of our Christmas Countdown. We have some great specials this week, we are launching our new theme and be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the entries and winner of the Christmas Countdown Week Five Challenge!

**Shop Specials**

Here are some great projects from the blog this week:

Betsy made this beautiful Lumiere.
Liz created this fabulous Dusty Attic Advent Calendar
Sandy made these stunning candles
Louise wowed us with these decorations

Sandy shared this Wreath Tutorial. BRILLIANT

Lisa showed us a really neat trick with chipboard!

Design Team Spotlight

Liz answered our Christmas questions this week!
1) What is your favorite holiday tradition? 
We get up after a sleep in and have to wait for EVERYONE to get ready (I wasn't so impressed the year that my brother came home form England and didn't get up until 11am!). Then we sit in the lounge and I get to give out the presents. One at a time...! My mum got to do that job a few years ago when I was sick with the flu - but I've claimed it back! 
2) What was your most memorable gift? 
One year our car blew up on the way down to Timaru 2 days before Christmas. We had to turn back home and a friend had a car yard and kindly let us use the only car that was warranted and registered - his father's car that had been traded in. On Christmas Day another set of friends rang up and said they had bought the car for us! What a blessing that was! That car just passed another warrant this week and has done 290,000kms. Every year we wonder if it will make another one! 
3) What does Christmas mean to you? 
Christmas to me is about the celebration of Jesus Christ (the God/Man), coming to earth and ultimately dying on the cross to pay our sin debt. I sing the Christmas carols with great gusto as I'm grateful for His sacrifice. (I do smile when I sing Grandma got run over by a reindeer though. Who wrote that song?!!). 
4) What would you love to find under the tree this year? 
Mmm, this year I have nothing I need or want! I haven't even thought about it. I do like pineapple lumps and little surprise packages! I'm excited this year because my brother and his wife and my neice are coming to spend Christmas with us all. My neice is one and I haven't met her yet! So that will be a treat!


Wrapping and Gift Tags

We are going to be sharing some ideas this week for wrapping and gift tags. This covers SUCH a wide variety of ideas - it will be great to see what the Design Team and YOU can come up with! This will be our last Challenge - and you may submit ANY Christmas project.

For some additional inspiration - here are a couple of projects created by the DT last year.

Tags by Clarissa - details here
Tags by Tina - details here

Don't forget you can see ALL the Challenge entries in our Gallery.

Week Seven Challenge

This will be the last Challenge and you may enter ANY Christmas themed project!!
We will be giving away a prize for every 5 entries we receive so you have a great chance!
Email us a picture of your project and PLEASE name the file you send with your full name as this makes it a lot easier for us to administer the competition! Send your entry to

Week Six Challenge
You can WIN yourself a great prize by entering YOUR Home or Table Decoration into the Week Six challenge by Saturday 17th December.
Email us a picture of your project and PLEASE name the file you send with your full name as this makes it a lot easier for us to administer the competition! Send your entry to

Week Five Challenge
The entries and winner of the Week Five Challenge can be seen below! If you entered more than one project I have shown only one here - though all will be available on our Gallery (hopefully later this evening).


 And the winner is - Kay O'Connor!

Congratulations Kayand thanks for joining in the fun!
Please email with your delivery details.

Stay tuned for heaps more fun Christmas Inspiration this week.

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