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Christmas Countdown - FINAL WEEK

Hi Everyone and a HUGE Welcome to our final week of our Christmas Countdown. We have seen some simply amazing projects from the Design Team as well as heaps of fabulous entries from our customers and blog-readers.

Weekly Round-Up
Here are some of the great projects posted this week (click on the name to go to the post!)






Design Team Focus
Today, more of the Design Team share their Christmas thoughts!

1)What is your favorite holiday album or song?
 I just love Susan Boyle singing O Holy Night. Mind you I love her singing full stop!
2) What is your favorite holiday tradition? 
I made our 10 grandkids BIG Christmas stockings and just watching their faces as they delve into the bottom of them to retrieve the last perssie, is gorgeous.Upon reflection, I could have made them much smaller- would have been less expensive to fill!! Even the older ones still comment that it's the best part of Christmas. It's great to see their enjoyment.
3) What was your most memorable gift? 
Last year I managed to get a new right hip- the disadvantages of getting older!!Maybe Santa will present me with a new left one this year! No harm in hoping!!
4) What does Christmas mean to you? 
What a wonderful time to remember the birth of our Saviour. I absolutely love hearing Grandad read the Christmas story to the kids- what a responsibility we have as grandparents to pass on what has become precious to us. Having all our family round is just great- it happens every second year as we have to share them all with their in-laws. We are so thankful for each one.
5) What would you love to find under the tree this year? 
Maybe an exercise machine to help the weight problem! One of course, that doesn't use any time or energy, as I haven't any spare of either!!

This is one of Betsy's fabulous Christmas creations!


1)What is your favorite holiday album or song?
Away in a manger is one of my fave songs of all time...I have lots of compilation CDs of Christmas carols old faves sung traditionally by Bing Crosby etc also some sung by Delta Goodrem, Michael Buble easy to listen to.
2) What is your favorite holiday tradition? 
I love to catch up with family & friends, exchange gifts etc. My kids still go along with the santa theory (well my daughter does for her brothers sake - and Im sure she thinks she will get more gifts if she goes a long with it!) so - I love the element of surprise with gifts etc. We still leave out milk, chocolate- treats & carrot for reindeer etc too.
3) What was your most memorable gift? 
Hmmm as a child we were quite spoilt...funny how you dont always realise that until your an adult yourself! One Christmas I got a typewriter....I was very happy comes in very handy as a kid playing offices, shops etc. Many a doll a barbie bus to name a few
4) What does Christmas mean to you? 
Cacthing up with family & friends, making special food to share,a few drinks, giving of gifts. I love the joy, the magic the kids look forward to, the anticipation. The chance to reflect on the year & look forward to what the next one brings
5) What would you love to find under the tree this year? Jewelry for example Pandora (always good) but really any surprise is good, I love something that my husband & children choose for me & that thought has gone in to it. Not a roadmaps book that one year my husband suggested!

Here is one of Lisa's amazing creations


Stocking Stuffers

We are going to be sharing some ideas this week for Stocking Stuffers. This covers SUCH a wide variety of ideas - it will be great to see what the Design Team and YOU can come up with! This will be our last Challenge - and you may submit ANY Christmas project.

Don't forget you can see ALL the Challenge entries in our Gallery.

Weeks Seven and Eight Challenge

We are combining these weeks and you may enter ANY Christmas themed project!!
We will be giving away a prize for every 5 entries we receive so you have a great chance!
Email us a picture of your project and PLEASE name the file you send with your full name as this makes it a lot easier for us to administer the competition! Send your entry to

Here are the entries for the Week 6 Challenge.






And the winner is - Morgan Southgate!

Congratulations Morgan and thanks for joining in the fun!
Please email with your delivery details.

Heaps more to come this week!

Lowri :-)

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