Saturday, December 3, 2011

Louise - Pretty Little Baubles

Hi, Louise here on what  is a stunning day her in the Southern Hawkes Bay!!!  Nice to see the start of summer arrive.  I am going to share some Christmas deccys with you today.  Every Year I buy clear glass baubles from a craft shop and decorate them however the years mood strikes me.  The boys also do a bauble each every year as well, it has turned into a kind of tradition .  So here are some that I have done so far this year.....

The first one is my favourite so far, keeping in mind these are all super easy to make don't be expecting any mind blowing techniques here. I spray painted this one with gloss white spray paint and when it was dry stuck buttons all over it using my glue gun so they will never fall off. ;) I finished it by tying some pink ribbon around the top.

This one took a bit longer than the rest to make. I painted this bauble with 3 coats of glimmer glam in Heffalump, on the last coat I sprinkled irridescent glitter on while it was still wet. Once it had dried I glued the roses on. i then tied a bow with seam binding ribbon.

The next one is again spray painted with gloss white spray paint. I stuck red ribbon around the middle then stuck the bells on with my glue gun. You could also sew on charms

And lastly this one was spray painted in silver and then I put pink pearls on. EASY!!!!

These are so cool to make and you are only limited by your imagination.


  1. These are neat Louise - love the 2nd one with the roses on it. Great idea to share with kids!!

  2. I'm not always a blingy girl but love your glittered/glammed bubble !

  3. Cool idea Louise. Really love the pretty roses one! but i do love them all....

  4. Neat idea Louise - would be great to try with the kids too!