Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Christmas Foyer

Hi everyone - Liz here

I have finally got around to photographing the Artfull Crafts foyer ahead of the Christmas event this weekend.

Diana (who also has a gorgeous Christmas house in Timaru) helped me. We went off to the Crow's Nest (the local dump junk shop) with an empty car and came back with a full one! We found old cupboards, Christmas Trees, records, trolleys, cushions, curtains, speakers and a bed frame (we'll be hoarding that for next year's display that I'm already planning!).

I LOVE junk shopping! The car load only cost $35!
So here is the vintage Christmas lounge...

The view from the clasroom. There's enough room here for our Christmas Carol sing-along on Saturday night!

I know the theme this week if Table decorations - but I'll have to organise them next week. We will be using the table at the Christmas event this weekend for our lovely afternoon tea!
A nice area to display all the staff and Design Team cards and decorations.

That's a piano hiding in the corner!
The lady who owns the Cafe next to us (MJC) gave me this trunk and I love it! Diana has lent me one of her short and stumpy trees to go in it (spot the cute teddy in the bottom left). My staff love teddybears (and it's become a bit of a joke!)
 I bought this organ from the local junk store - it was only $20! It's a pump organ and it works - but once you start pumping you have to stop. It's got lots of leaks! I suppose it's one way of working off all that Christmas chocolate. I have my Grandma's clock ontop of the organ and my Great Grandmothers Gramaphone to the left. I've also inherited Grandma's two vintage chairs. I used to sit on the one on the left everytime we went to visit them! It was my special chair :-)

Here's the front window display. Excuse the glare (how do you remove glare?!). We picked up the cute white cupboard (bottom left) at the junk shop too.  I haven't finished decorating the tree yet but at night the LED lights look great.

I hope you enjoyed that sneak peak. Have a great night.


  1. AWWW! I feel another road trip coming on lol!

  2. very festive and feel like you've been transported back in time :P

  3. The lounge looks amazing. Had my own real sneak peek yesterday. Very inspiring.

  4. Love seeing how Christmasy it looks

  5. The shop looks fabulous Liz, wish I could see it in person!