Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lisa with a Christmas Pudding & Bon Bon using My Mind's Eye - Lost & Found Christmas...

Hi Everyone. Lisa here. Today I am sharing some Christmas projects I have made using "Lost & Found - Christmas" range from My Mind's eye. This is another one of my favourite Christmas ranges this year. It is made up of lovely warm traditional colours & also has some beautifully glittered components.

My projects are a Christmas Pudding & a Bon Bon.

Here are some close ups of the detail & a top view of the pudding for you.

The pudding is made using the same principal as the cupcakes you will see in my Gallery. Some time next year I will get to making a tutorial of this project for you. The pudding is basically a foam ball partially covered in sequins, then decorated with a patterned paper patty pan, gathered ribbon & embellishments. I used elements from the pack in this range.  Every time I make one of these, the next one becomes my favourite....this one is definitely my favourite to date! It seriously looks good enough to eat!

This is a really quick & easy bon - bon to make using a paper napkin, cardboard & scrap paper. Here are some simple instructions.

For the insert cut a piece of recycled cardboard  approx 10 x 14cm rectangle (I used a cereal box). Roll the piece of cardboard & join with tape to form a cylinder.You can use an empty toilet paper roll, but I prefer not to. Fill your cylinder with your small gift or chocolates. Open out the paper napkin so you have a rectangle. Lay the cylinder on one edge (the untidy seam edge of the napkin) gently roll the napkin up around the cylinder & tape the join. Tie the ends off with ribbon.
I have used two co-ordinating papers, so I have two layers. I cut the base patterned paper 9x15cm then the top layer at 7x15cm.  Adhere the smaller rectangle to the top of the larger rectangle of patterned paper using glue or tape. Wrap around the bon-bon and tape seam/join ensuring the join is on the underside of the bon-bon. Decorate to suit, using co-ordinating embellishments. I made a tag using one of my punches, this can double as a table place card for your guest.

These Bon-bons are so quick & easy to make. You still have time! This is perfect project to do the night how many you need of course!

This is my last post before the BIG I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

Lisa :)


  1. Just gorgeous Lisa - the pudding looks amazing! I would much rather have one of those as I am not a big fan of real Christmas Pud! Awesome job!

  2. this looks so delicious and the cake looks amazing.
    happy christmas time

  3. These do look good enough to eat! Please update us with a tutorial :)

  4. The pudding is absolutely gorgeous!!! Yes, it looks good enough to eat! You are so talented!! Both of your blogs are great!!! Merry Christmas to you too!