Saturday, September 19, 2009

My brother's wedding on Koh Samui, Thailand was a beautiful occasion. I took hundreds of photos and am looking forward to creating an acrylic album and a memorabilia box of the day for them. (I'll use the Tic Tac Toe box from Kaisercraft for that one). The table setting was filled with fabulous scrapbooking memorabilia! I'm such a hoarder - and what better hobby could there be than this?

The day really was perfect. The beaches on here are stunning and the wedding was held at sunset. 35 people travelled across the world to attend the occasion - from Australia, New Zealand and England.

The groom entered firstly with his groomsman, followed by en elephant that danced for us and then the parents. To be honest the elephant really stole the show!

Then some dancers did a lovely ensemble for the groom, before he moved down to the sand to await the Bride's arrival.

Illana entered, looking stunning, and the ceremony began. My father had the privilege of speaking at the wedding - reminding us of the basis of marriage and the importance of it. It was a beautiful ceremony.
The local paparazzi (me and a few other keen guests) snapped photos at every opportunity - petal throwing, sunset poses, tree planting, cake cutting, fireworks, lantern lighting, speeches and dancing.

I finally managed to successfully use my camera on Night Mode and I went through two batteries. So now comes the fun - trying to select the best of the hundreds of photos...

Our family

But the fun isn't over just yet! We are still enjoying everyone's company at the resort until Sunday. Then we head to Laos to visit our very good friends for a week. We know that when we return to NZ things will be crazy! We have to find somewhere else to live - and move the business too. And of course the Christmas frenzy will begin - starting with the Kaisercraft Q2 release in a couple of weeks.

I'll just enjoy the break while I can!!


  1. Gorgeous photos Liz! Wow it must've been a beautiful experience. Hoping you're having a nice restful holiday - before the madness of Q2 hits haha

  2. hey Liz - christchurch is a lovely place to live.... *giggles*