Saturday, September 5, 2009


Well, what a great event! The Kaisercraft Q2 Product party was held in Melbourne last night... Graham, Hilary, Clarissa and myself attended this wonderful event and we were THRILLED with the new ranges! There are 3 absolutely fantastic Christmas ranges coming your way... with some Beyond the Page projects to match. (WOW you are going to love some of these!). There is also something for teenage boys, travel enthusiasts and pretty paper lovers.

Kaiser just keeps designing wonderful products. There were so many exciting things to look at and wonderful people to talk to. It's hard to know how to spend your time! It was so great to meet up with the lovely people we met last time. Everyone was so friendly and we spent a lot of time laughing and enjoying their company. The "Mel and Al" show certainly brought smiles to our faces. We plan on having some more to do with them (watch this space!!). It was great to have dinner with Christina (the NZ rep) and her lovely work colleagues and we hope to see her in NZ next year...! We always love chatting to the designers about their work and congratulated them on their outstanding designs.

I could go on - but I suppose you really want to know about the products!! Let's just say, they have put out papers in sets of 6, brads, buttons (you should see some of these) black and coloured rubons, stamps (yummy), embellishment packs (very cool), die cuts, more alpha stickers, embroidered badges and THE most exciting part of all... 6x6 Paper Pads!! WOW! These are outstanding. They each have 24 normal double-sided papers and then 10 specialty pages with flocking, foil and embossing! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! These are going to be a HIT!

So, all up we had the greatest time! I will get a couple of sneaky photos posted on blog when we get a better internet connection... We're off to Melbourne City Centre today for a look around and we'll trek to the suburbs to find some other crafty outlets...


  1. Great you hear your having a good time, cant wait to seen the nre kaisercraft ranges, especially the xmas stuff. Enjoy the rest of your holiday

  2. how exciting for you all!! Did Hils get a look at the mag yet? Can't wait for the lowdown on all the new goodies!!

  3. It's hard to believe it was a whole week ago we were there at the party! I hope you're having a fab time in Thailand - I actually got a photo of your plane taxiing away from the terminal at Melbourne! Just got your newsletter email, it sounds like Graham truly has the patience of a saint. I'm still amazed at how patiently he waited while us 3 girls were in the scrapbooking shops! I'm slowly blogging each and every detail of our trip haha.

  4. Liz, it was our most awesome pleasure to have you over again. My gosh you are one of the funniest, happiest, spirited people I have ever met - and I worked with Melissa every day hehe.
    It felt like "yesterday" since we had last seen you. Looking forward to our next catch up. Til then take care xx