Friday, September 11, 2009


Well. we are certainly having fun! We left Melbourne on Sunday (after the wonderful Q2 party)for Bangkok. My brother's wedding is next week and so we have been meeting up with family in Bangkok and will head to Koh Samui tomorrow.

Bangkok surely is a crazy city. It's hot and smelly and it's the rainy season. We have been here before so I was keen to head to the favourite craft market and find some suppliers of ribbons, bags, flowers and envelopes. My lovely husband comes along and he managed to find the Ribbon factory. Last time he found the envelope factory - so he really is an asset!

But he did have a day off to spend with the men at Pantip Plaza - 7 floors of electronic equipment. Mum and I thought we'd sit by the pool - until it started to rain... The rain is so intense that the streets were flooded up to the knees!

We've been to the Grand Palace and the Floating Market. It's been fun having family here to do outings with. And it's great to give mum and dad hints on what to expect!

The camera has certainly been used a lot. It's great to capture the expressions of people on the local bus as they are nodding off, or the old lady in the canal trying to sell you some fruit. I'm sure I'll have a chance to scrapbook those memories before 2020. That's about the rate I'm going at the moment!!

I'd better head off to see if dinner has been sorted... (maybe we'll do the $2.70 meal at the local roadside restaurant... or go somewhere high-class for $5?) I'll let the others decide!

Sorry there are no photos for me to add just yet. They are on the camera and I wasn't sure how to load them up on this computer.

And I want to say a public THANK YOU to Vicki and Juanita for running everything while we're away!! I hope you get some crafting done...

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