Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Wow - I've hit the six-weeks mark since my surgery. Officially I'm allowed to drive today... As it happens I decided to celebrate by cleaning the shower (carefully of course). And I do need to use the car today to go to town...

I feel about 85% at the moment (that's up from 75% last week!). I do feel very tired though. Last week was a huge week keeping up with the Kaiser Kandy orders.

We are heading overseas on Friday and I'm starting to get very excited. We do have a great itinerary planned. We start in Melbourne for the Kaisercraft Q2 release. They just put their Sneeky Peek out yesterday. Go and have a look at that!!

Then we're off to Bangkok for a week. Here we'll be on the hunt for craft goodies to import into NZ. And we'll relax at by the pool on the rooftop garden of the hotel! My family will be there too - so we'll do some tourist activities.

Then we head to Koh Saumi for a week. My brother is getting married on this island. We can't wait to see him and his fiance again. They live in London. The resort looks amazing and I just want to lie on a beach... I have made a lovely wedding card for my brother. I'll load it on if I have time before we leave...

Then we will meet very good friends of ours (they live in Laos) and we'll go somewhere with them. None of us have had time to plan that part yet. But we'll just find a cheap island somewhere and stay there for a week.

After that we head back to Bangkok and tidy up any loose ends (shipping of goods etc...) and we hope to stay with other friends of ours for 3 days (they live north of Bangkok). Whew!

What an amazing holiday. We've certainly worked so hard this year and so I feel like I need this!!

Within 2 days of our return we will have the new Kaisercraft Q2 goodies available for sale.... we all know that will be a busy time too!

It sounds like hubby will be taking the laptop (even though I'm a little reluctant for him to since I'm a bit addicted to checking messages etc...). So, if he does, I'll blog every now and then!

Happy crafting...

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  1. WOW sounds like a great holiday ahead for you and your hubby Liz.....enjoy. Looking forward tot he new kaisercraft stuff and I had a lok at their sneeky peek....man the pictures flash before your eyes fast but loving that i spotted some xmas stuff in there, i will start saving. Also good to hear that your feeling better, hopefully by the time you leave you will be feeling 95% better