Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Almost home time...

We've been away for almost 4 weeks! It's been fun and I am pretty much recovered from the operation that knocked me flat for a few weeks. We've been all over the place - from Bangkok to Koh Samui, back to Bangkok and then to Paske, Laos, then back to Bangkok! We're staying with friends now and start the journey home tomorrow...

Here's Jess and Malaya Vaughan outside their home in Bangkok

The Bangkok parts were pretty much dedicated to sourcing craft products to import into NZ - and I wasn't disappointed. We've been here a couple of other times - so we had some contacts and leads already. The flower shop was the most fun. Graham had the fun of standing with the calculator, camera and notepad! He's a great helper.

This is the crazy market in Sampheng, Chinatown. It was wall to wall with people during rushhour! And hot and stuffy...

Dinner anyone? The smells of Bangkok are incredible - not all good!! People eat and cook on the side of the road. It didn't look very appetizing to me...

This is Graham and Thakmany in an Ethnic Village in Laos. Thakmany lives with our friends in Paske and teaches them Lao in return for learning English. During the morning she weaves at her local village.

This was a lovely Spa Resort we treated our friends to for one night. Pool anyone? I hear it's been cold in New Zealand - so maybe I should stop putting up these great photos!And maybe it's a bit mean to show me getting a foot massage. They are so cheap in Thailand - it would be crime not to get one...

So, we fly home over 2 days. First to Melbourne tomorrow and then to ChCh the next day. The Kaisercraft Q2 release is due on October 1st - but we'll be travelling! You'll all have to wait until the 2nd... The goods haven't actually left Australia yet though - so we won't be able to send them just yet.

We've decided we will make Collection pre-orders available on the 2nd. The lucky people who order these will have the priority for the first shipment. We know there is a lot of interest. The second order is organised already!!

Today we organised the shipment of some of the Thailand craft goodies home. But I'll be honest, I wanted lots of the new products to come home with us - so we've packed those for the airline and sent lots of our clothes home instead with the courier! Who needs summer clothes in NZ?!

You'll hear from me in a couple of days - to announce the Q2 products!


  1. Looks like you have had a great time. Looking foreward to seeing the new kaisercraft collections and beyond the pages items and also the goodies you have ordered while you have been away.

  2. Hey Liz, your holiday in Thailand looks fantastic fun - I mean girl, you would have fun anywhere you went!
    I love the photograph of all of you on the wedding day - you look beautiful Liz x