Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trip to Town and Trip to Thailand and THAT Q2 mag.

Last blog I admitted I was going to town in the car. I got there safely, enjoyed lunch with hubby and a friend and then found myself in THE most amazing Clothing Sale! (I don't need any clothes - or any more 12x12 papers for that matter...) but this shop was shutting down - and EVERYTHING was down to $10. It was a store jam packed with beautiful clothing and heaps of bargain hunting ladies! So I've bought a lovely top for the Q2 party tomorrow night, a summer dress for Thailand and a couple of other beautiful items. I walked out of there with a smile.

Who says Retail Therapy doesn't work?! I have been a 'blue' lately - apparently a very common side-effect of anaesthetic - and I did have 2 lots of that in the last 2 months! I've never really been blue before - so I didn't enjoy it at all! I'm starting to lift out of it now and I'm really looking forward to some time in the sun. (I've pretty much hibernated inside all winter too ... looking rather pale!).

So, by tomorrow we'll be at the Q2 Party in Melbourne. Which brings me to the "meanie" accusation from Hilary! YES, the Q2 mag did arrive at my house yesterday (an error on the part of the publisher meant they got sent too early...). So I had a choice to NOT read it, or to read it! I ooohhed and aaahed - and sought advice (EVERYONE said to read it!) and I decided NOT to read it! I am going to Melbourne and I love surprises. And I don't want to know if Hilary's Layout is in there until I arrive - and I don't want her to know either!!! I want to be there when she opens the mag and looks through and hopefully sees it...

But just because I excerised some self-control doesn't mean Vicki did!! She sat there and had a good look through the mag (right in front of me). She made all manner of wonderful noises - from mmm's to aahs to ohs. I get the feeling this new release from Q2 is REALLY great!

Okay, maybe I had a sneek peek at one page. I just HAD to know if the project on the front cover is one of their projects... WOW! It's FANTASTIC and I think every house in NZ will want one of these for Christmas...

I say no more!

I'll blog again after the party...


  1. Hrmm I still think you're mean LOL but yeah I do get it about it all being part of the whole package with the launch and the suspense and excitement.... See you very soon!

  2. YAY for retail therapy. As for the new kaisercraft mag I cant wait till it arrives in my letter box in October, I cant wait to see what xmas goodies they have this time.

  3. oh you big old tease!! LOL have a great time!

  4. They say laughter is the best medicine, if that is the case then shopping is a very close second lol.
    Have a great trip - take lots of photos to share with us when you get back.
    And I can't wait to see the new products - and the magazine.