Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another night at home...!

Wow! We've been home in the light hours two days in a row and I'm starting to like it. But not before we went to Mum and Dads and mowed the lawns. Dad has done something bad to his back - so Graham is tackling their rather large property. At least they have a ride-on lawn mower!

So I promised to load up the Competition entries on the Gallery tonight - and I have done it. Head there now for a peak. And I want to remind yoyu that you have until Sunday 6pm to send us pictures of the Christmas Favours theme. Send them to artfullcrafts@gmail.com. The winner of last week's prize pack is... Jo Armstrong! Well done Jo. Your name just got pulled out of the hat. Pop into the shop (again!) and collect your prize.

We have some photos of the shop to show you - although I went to take some photos today of the finished shop and after one photo the battery went flat! So most of these show the work in progress and some of the helpers. You'll have to keep popping by if you want to see the completed shop!

11pm Sunday night. Completing the cleaning!

The ladies putting up the layouts in the Kaisercraft room.

Graham sneaks a peek at the window displays while Viv has chuckle!

Mark and Graham are pleased with the new shop counter.

Dad was to be doing the wall papering - before he injured his back. At the last minute Jim Waldron stepped in and did a magnificent job. I'm surprised he didn't need sunnies for the pink wallpaper!

A group of 10 men discuss the best way to bring 3 very large units down the stairs.
And then decide on the sliding technique. A good option.

But this HEAVY, fully steel rack had to come over the bannister. I was too frightened to watch and forgot to take photos! I wasn't about to ask them to repeat it for me... I think we will have to stay in the shop forever. I don't think this will ever go up the way it came down!

It ended up on it's top though and the guys then had to turn it over. They made it look easy..

All 3 units safely down the stairs.
Graham thinks that going over the bannister isn't such a bad option for the carpet roll either!

Well it's not a tidy job setting up shop!

And sometimes there is collateral damage... One of the smaller units took a slide down my leg. It looks even more purple today. I have a whole collection of brusies on the other leg too. No wearing my togs for a while! (Besides it's still cold down this end of the country)

I hope you've enjoyed the photos. Pop back soon to see the finished shop photos.

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