Thursday, December 2, 2010

Home Decoration - Joanne

Hi there everyone, hope December is treating you all well :)

Liz sent me this Kaisercraft Script word as part of my Christmas parcel. I love how it stands on its own!

My partner was kind enough to spray paint it metallic silver for me. I originally wanted to have it silver then stamp this or this on it in white ink - but by the time I went to create it I realised I didnt have any white ink that would work on the spray painted surface! Whoops! So its just been left silver. I can always peel off the bling and do that in future....Just a random thought, embossing the stamped design would look great too, Im just not too sure how the spray paint would react to that.

Ive added some Kaisercraft Bling to the M, Y, C and S. I would have loved to cover the whole thing in the clear bling, as I have seen somewhere online. Ive also added a large piece of bling for the dot on the i.

We dont decorate very much for Christmas so I think this will fit in perfectly on the mantle :)



  1. This is very elegant Joanne. Spray painting is a great way to cover these pieces - never occurred to me!!

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