Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Clarissa - Christmas Favours

Hi Christmas Crafters.
My mum Lynley was staying with me last week and she was busy making these very cool boxes for the table on Christmas Day at the rest home she works at.  Along with her workmate Kathlyn, they are being busy bees and making about 60 of these to put goodies in for the residents.  As I didn't have any bright ideas myself, I thought I would share their idea with you.

Use a normal sized card and emboss the front with your favourite Christmas folder.  Score two lines on the front half of the card from the middle of the long edge to the fold at each corner and repeat for the back half of the card.

Fold the card into a triangle with the embossed flaps overlapping the back flaps.  Punch a hole in each side, fill it with some goodies and tie it up with a ribbon.

A simple design that makes a very cute box!

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  1. These are really neat! I am going to make some for my Alzheimers day-care ladies to put together! Clarissa - how big is the rectangle you start with?