Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Shop Photos

Day One of the new shop!
This is the foyer. I love the pink couches!
The foyer is really big! See the Design Team display board on the right.

The Classroom will comfortably fit 30 people and all their gear! We have a kitchen at the back and a store room for all the supplies.
The shop from behind the counter. What a great view!These 3 stands were the ones the boys got down the stairs...

The kids are loving the playroom already!

Graham will get the time-lapse footage for us really soon. Then you can see how hard we really worked!!
:-) Liz


  1. oh wow - it's HUGE!!! can't wait for a 'real life' visit!!

  2. Wow! It looks awesome!!! Im so going to have to talk Shaun into coming down hehe

  3. Looks Fantastic Liz, you guys must have moved should be very proud of yourselves! Shirl

  4. Wow!! I just love it!! I so wish I could visit in person :0) You guys have done an amazing job!!

  5. Sooo cool! I can hardly imagine all the hassle involved in setting up such an enormous space. However, it must feel so good now. And it was lovely to visit again today... three visits since you opened 4 days ago!! Go me! (I should have a frequent flyer card). Thank you sooo much for my prize, I am stoked with it and the papers are so lovely. I'm so sorry about the payment and glad it's all sorted now.

  6. You guys have done a fantastic job!