Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Favours - Shirl

Oh my goodness, only 14 sleeps till Christmas!!
hopefully you will like the ideas I have come up with for christmas favours...Every year I do a lot of baking for christmas gifts, Cakes, shortbread, slices & all sorts of things dipped in chocolate...YUM!
I've done a few little things for you..

I usually create little platters of yummy goodies, then wrap them in cellophane and lots of ribbon, they are nice little gifts to give to neighbours, teachers, family etc

It was very easy to make these little cakes and very easy to decorate them...I just cut a strip of paper and attched it at the back of the cake with a couple of pins to hold it into place, then attached a die cut with a rub-on christmas greeting on the front...I also cut out a star on my cricut machine and used the negative of the shape as a stencil, I just popped it on top of the cake and sprinkled some icing sugar over it..easy!

I made some little mini muffins and then cut out some cupcake wrappers on my cricut, (you can cut these out by hand, just do a google search for a cupcake wrapper template)
I had to fiddle with the size a bit! I took a couple of muffins out to my scrap room to get the size right, but then...mmm I ate them! so I had to come back in and get some more!! lol

and last of all, some yummy cupcakes..just a chocolate packet mix! then I  rolled out some soft icing, and using a scone cutter, cut out the circle then  placed it onto a cuttlebug embossing folder and gently pushed in down a bit, then glazed the top of the cupcake with some jam (to make the icing stick) and thats its!

So on that note I guess I better get baking again, crushing biscuts..melting choclate..etc...
Hope you like my ideas!
Don't forget to send your ideas in for the chance to win a prize pack!

Have a good weekend :)


  1. These look absolutely yummy Shirl. No wonder you eat two!!!

  2. Awesome ideas Shirl - those muffin cases are gorgeous and I am definitely going to steal that Cuttlebug icing idea for a post I am doing in January on a cooking website! I wonder if you could swipe some food colouring on the folder and get a coloured imprint?

  3. Some very cool ideas there, thanks for sharing. Am looking forward to popping in next time I'm in Timaru.