Sunday, September 16, 2012

10 things we will never forget with Prima

It breaks your heart to see one of your children cry - so I hope you can imagine my pain when it was because of me they were crying!

I had just shown them this project I have just finished using Kaisercrafts Twelve Frame Photo Display mixed with Primas Romance Novel collection.

I just love flowers so it was no suprise that I went a bit mad with embellishments on this one.
My inspiration for the frame came from a little saying that was in Prima's Romance novel papers which said "10 things I will never forget" so with that in mind Hubby and I came up with "10 things we will never forget" about our children.

I used the numbers on Primas Romance Novel Paper-Dear John as my list and we started writing - here is the full list:

10 things we will never forget

1. We will never forget the days that each of our children were born and how on each of those days our lives changed completely & forever.

2. We will never forget that you will never know how much we love you until you have children of your own to love.
3. We will never forget your favourite blankies as you needed these to comfort you and you loved them so much they all wore out.

4. We will never forget how we say “i love you to the moon and back infinity times infinity, infinity times”

5. We will never forget the times that each of you have cried and you have needed a cuddle from mummy and daddy to make it all better.
6. We will never forget the pitter patter of little feet into our bedroom at night and the cuddles we have until the morning light.

7. We will never forget your favourite toys that became part of our family just because of you.

8. We will never forget the times when you have been sick and even though we were doing everything we could we felt helpless to help you.
9. We will never forget your smiles and laughter as those are the days that it felt like the sun was shining – even though there could have been a storm outside.

10. We will never forget that you are our children and whatever you do we will always be there for you – we will never forget as you three are the reason for our lives.
So that was that - tears all around the place followed by the biggest hugs :)

And before I forget - here is a photo of the finished creation :)



  1. OMG Vicki ... beautiful ... can understand the tears ...

    A stunning creation and one so very special to your family.

  2. Love, Love, LOVE it Vicki - just gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful!! And heartwarming :-)

  4. Just fabulous Vicki! Brought tears to my eyes too. Such a precious keepsake you have made.

  5. This is a very lovely and touching idea for a project! Will have to remember this for future...