Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jo Johnson - Advent Calender Part 2

Hi everyone, here we are ready for part two of the Advent calender for Artfull Crafts.
Time to decorate the whole project.  I started by thinking about my Christmas tree and what I put on to it, as I decorate it ready for the festive season.  As with the rest of the project I only used Kaisercraft Turtle-Dove paper

I started with making some presents.

The presents I made needed to be very little.  I cut six little squares of cardboard about 1.5cm x 1.5cm, and taped them as above, on the reverse side of the paper I wanted.  I made sure I left an extra piece of paper on the sides as shown in black above, so I could tape the boxes together.  (The picture was crooked so i couldn't make them look square, sorry).  You fold them up into a box shape.    Once they were together, I put a piece of paper strip, as if it were ribbon around them.  A bow on the top, and a a couple of red  Mini-Paper-Blooms and some leaves for colour.  

Next I decorated some reindeer.  I wanted them to be bounding up the sides of the tree, like they were running up the steps.  This is last years reindeer. 

I covered the Reindeer with paper, and inked around the edge of him.  I then distress stained his antlers and legs.  But I still wasn't happy, so i distress embossed his antlers to give a furry look.  I used ranger distress embossing powder vintage photo embossing powder.  I then heat set it.  I made a small chain for around his neck, but the bells were all to big that I had, so I left them off. I made two of these reindeer, facing opposite ways. 

In the photo above you should be able to see the red circle and cream rose by his tail.  I cut strips of paper and then quilled a loose circle.  I glued this on to every point on the tree, as I felt the edges were just to hard for the look of what I was trying to achieve.

I also added the white paper on the sides of the tree as above as well.
It is a little hard to see, but I also put lime tulle behind the presents and I ran a string of hand knotted acrylic crystal like beads down the side.

Then lastly I added some mini pine cones that i added some Kindy glitz and stickles to, and then I carefully made holes in all the boxes and added brads onto every one. I was careful as some numbers are quite big and I had to make sure the numbers would fit - so some brads are not centred. I used different sized and different coloured brads on the different coloured boxes.  I then added the numbers from the  Turtle Dove Numbers stickers sheet, a few wooden flourishes from Kaisercraft, and then for the star, I put paper on the back, and then bling stips  to brighten the front.

Then it was finished. It got to sit on my bench for a few days, and then I packed it up so very carefully and couriered to Timaru, where it is sitting in Kasiercraft section of Artfull Crafts.

So now it is your turn.  Enjoy.
All the best Jo


  1. It looks absolutely amazing!I'm sure it will be much admired.

  2. I have admired this in the shop already Jo, and it is gorgeous! I love the reindeer - just awesome!