Saturday, September 8, 2012

TWELVE Winners Announced!

Everyone loves a winner. Sit back - because we have TWELVE winners tonight!

Thanks to everyone who commented so kindly on our awesome new Design Team Galleries, followed blogs and commented on the August Challenge Gallery.

We have randomly chosen a winner who commented on each Design Team Member. Those winners are:

Dita who commented on Lowri McNabb's Check-In Travel album. She says, "I would totally try this one because it can be used for a mature person interested in photography OR a younger person to display their "new hobby". What instantly comes into mind it to use this album and display my daughter's snap happy shots which is currently stored on my laptop- it would make a wonderful present for her to reflect on when she is older and wiser :-)"

Karen Cheeseman who commented on Vicki's canvas project. She says:  "I would LOVE to do this for my special MUM who just adores FLOWERS - inside and outside of her place."

 Ruth G who commented on Nicole's card. She says, "I love the watercoloring on this card. I would love to learn to do that!"

Jean McBride commented on Robbi's exploding box saying, "This is my idea of fun papercraft and Robbie has nailed this one hands down."

Kathy Moorhouse commented one of Teresa's cards. She says, "I would choose this delightful card to give my beautiful friend who had her first brush with cancer a couple of years ago and is remaining positively beautiful and healthy and refuses to let anything get her down. I love the delicate tones of pink."

Miriam Prantner commented on Jo's Advent Calendar. She wrote, "There's a little soft spot in my heart for Advent calendars, would love a tutorial on this one!"

Clare commented on a card from Tracy that reminds her of her best friend. She writes, "This is so cool! Definitely resembles my crazy life and that of my best friend!"

Claire T commented on a Play School Layout from Sandy saying,  "Ooh I spy KesiArt. Such lovely papers."

Sherri L commented on Christine's post regarding a die that she would like to get her hands on! She says, "Love the card Christine! I have a thing for square cards lately and would love the square die you used on this card!"

Tania Pope commented on a card she likes from Betsy. She says, "I was automatically drawn to this card - love the colors used."

Comment winner on the Competition Gallery:  TashNZ encouraged Michelle with this comment, "I think this is amazing and clearly took alot of planning and effort and time to put together. Amazing!!!! 
Thanks Tash. It's lovely to have you commenting on other's work.

This $100 prize was going to someone who has joined all 10 of the Artfull Crafts blogs... And the winner is... Karen Freeman. Lucky you! Your name came out of the draw!

Congratulations to the winners and THANKS to all of you for joining in with our community of crafters. If you are a winner, please email the shop at with your address details so the prizes can be sent out :-)

September Challenge
The next lot of challenges are listed on our blog. Make sure you join in to be in with a chance to win with Artfull Crafts.


  1. Awww thank you!!! I love the Artful Crafts Blog, its so inspirational and as soon as I finish my spring cleaning *cough cough* I'm going to have a good sit down and act on the inspiration I receive from each and everyone of you :DDD

  2. THANK YOU So much!! made my weekend :-) yeay!

  3. This is amazing - Thank you so so much. Wow what a fantastic birthday pressie. My birthday is this month and I always like to add to my stash! I can't thank you enough Artfullcrafts!

  4. Yippee - What a lovely surprise. I just adore Artfull Crafts website and also the staff are so friendly when I ring the shop. Thanks again Artfull Crafts..

  5. Thank you so much! I am very excited! I really enjoy this blog and am excited by the new DT.

  6. Have just worked two full days, finally managed to check the blog and Yay - am so thrilled to see my name. Thanks so much!

  7. Wahoo! what a great surprise to see my name on the list of Winners! Thanks so much Liz for your generosity. And thanks to the great team you have working for you. You all do such a wonderful job!
    Sherri L

  8. I never even thought to check the winners and I was one - can't believe it!! Thanks so much for the opportunity. I love the photos posted on facebook of inspiring designs and people enjoying their creativity.
    Kathy M