Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jo Johnson - Best of Artfull Crafts posts

Hi everyone, Jo here with my last post for Artfull Crafts.  I am sort of sad, but in a way ready to move on to new challenges.  I have to say when I first applied for this position, I was a little unsure of where I was heading.  A bad year for me personally, meant I needed a change, and this was a wonderful opportunity for me, which ended with me back teaching at Senz in Auckland.  A reminder for me, that I love what I do. I also met some fantastic people, the staff at Artfull Crafts are a lovely bunch of ladies, and I was really impressed by how they welcomed me into their group.  

So here are my favourite projects for Artfull Crafts.  My first project was the Advent Calendar from Kasiercraft.    

This layout was a definite favourite using Kaisercraft Needle and Thread, 

next was trying my hand at some mixed media art,  using stencils and a few collectables to make this, which I ended up giving to my niece for her birthday, and she loved it. 

things got a little darker in this next piece, a mixed media canvas again.  That was going to be blue, what happened, who knows.  But my eldest niece just loved it.  

This is my class from Senz
and finally my most favourite project, my layout from Senz with my grandmother.  

                                               and the inside was a challenge that's for sure

but not everything went well, this was just a comedy of errors, it came out all right in the end thank goodness.  I hate having to ring Liz and say I think I may have really mucked this one up. 

I think I have learned a lot in this last year.   I didn't necessarily think I could come up with something different, every time something arrived in the post.  But I tended to surprise myself, trying to put something of myself into each piece.  This chest was a real struggle, I just didn't want to cover it in paper, so I was really pleased with the result, it does look better in real life, than in the photo. 
Thanks to everyone for all your support, and your comments.  
Thanks to Liz, and all the other Design teams members, we have had a few laughs throughout the year.  
It has been great.  

Now have you had a chance to join me yet? 

I look forward to you joining me on there, and maybe in a class one day.  All the best.  Jo


  1. Beautiful work, Jo! I'm always inspired to do better and stretch a bit further when looking at your work!

    Your shabby chic and distressed styles are lovely :)

  2. All gorgeous! You have a true artistic talent and such an inspiration to us all. My favourite is the butterly wall art for your SENZ class, though.

  3. That advent calendar is really beautiful. I would love to have that displayed in my home at Christmas! Hope you've had a fantastic year with Artfull Crafts :-)

  4. I love them all. Can not choose one.
    Barbara Tibbles

  5. Loved your class at Senz and your mixed media work

  6. So many beautiful and artful creations! I really love the advent calendar! I'm partial to things that are lovely as well as functional, so I think that why that project stands out to me! Thanks so much for sharing and enjoy your future adventures!

  7. Beautiful work, love the Advent Calender!!

  8. Wow there are some amazing things here. LOVE your mixed media canvas' I have just started to dabble in mixed media and I'm loving the things I'm creating. All the best. Karen Freeman

  9. I have so enjoyed seeing all the things you have projuced. Love your style. Goodbye and thanks.

  10. Love all your work. I'm sure we'll see more of you. -Christine Santos

  11. farewell fellow crafter, i wish you all the very best in whatever adventures you take on.

  12. i love them all but my faourite piece would have to be the Kaisercraft needle & Thread piece especially the angel wings!!!

  13. Your work is beautiful and am sure your confidence has grown so much in the past year. I love how you decorated the Advent Tree (been wanting to try this myself...) and your layouts are so inspiring. Am sure this won't be the last we hear from you!!