Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jo Johnson - Curiosity card


Hi everyone Jo here for Artfull Crafts, with a a card using Curiosity paper from Kaisercraft.

This is the cards envelope, you can see the front of the card tucked inside it. 

This photo has the card, out of the envelope, and as you can see there is another card in the front of the main one. 


This has the third part of the card in the front, and for some reason I didn't photograph the inside of the small card, it has the same picture again with flowers growing inside the jar, as in the page shown here called unusual, the bottom row, 2nd one across. 

I hope you enjoyed this card, my 2nd to last blog for Artfull Crafts, and I hope some of you will come and join my blog,   Imagine If..., or on my facebook page as I will be doing freelance teaching, and I still have lots of ideas to make pages, off the page projects and lots more. 

All the best Jo

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