Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nichole - Farewell Post

Hi Everyone, Nichole here with my final post as a Design Team member.

It's been a great experience being on the Artfull Crafts design team.  I've had a wonderful time getting to try some of Artfull Craft's latest products and make unique designs to share with all of you!

I'll miss being on the Artfull Crafts design team, but all good things must eventually end!

What are your most memorable projects from the past year?

The last project is not completely a project, but a tell-all post about my craft space!

What have you learned from your time on design team?
Since this was my first design team I probably couldn't have asked for a better experience.  Being a large team we could rotate blog posts and the focus wasn't so much on one person, letting life happen as it may (and it did)!

I've learned that everyone has a different style of crafting and that even though we're all so very different, we're all driven by the desire and passion to create something new!

What will I be doing?
During the next year I'll be focusing on my blog.  I'll be posting more frequently and producing more quality content on a regular basis.

I'll also be focusing on ScrapbookTweet, a new twitter account that delivers scrapbooking and crafting tweets direct to your Twitter feed.  ScrapbookTweet re-tweets #scrapbooking, #papercrafting, and #cardmaking tweets on twitter.  We have some exciting followers like 3M Products and GlueDots and the list continues to grow each day!

I'll be making new videos and discovering video editing. I'll be delivering videos and tutorials, delivering content across multiple media sources.  I've already made a few colouring videos that can be found on my Youtube account.

I'd really love to start reviewing products in depth and giving first impression videos, both from the perspective of a crafter and an artist!

Where can you find me?
You can find me on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google Plus, and my blog on  I can also be found on

Thanks to the ArtfullCrafts team for giving me this wonderful opportunity, and thanks to my fellow Design Team members for their support and inspiration they provided me!

I welcome the new design team and hope to see great things from them in the coming year!


  1. Love the layering detail on the third card - and of course I love pink, and polka dots, and deer! Hope you've had a fantastic year with Artfull Crafts!

    1. Thanks, glad you like it! I had quite a year on my first design team! :)

  2. I like the second one.
    Barbara Tibbles

  3. I love your craft room. How do you keep it so tidy? The bon-voyage card is so cool. Must do more stamping

  4. I love the maps and travel elements on the middle card! Great coloring and fun elements = wonderful card! Thanks so much for sharing and it sounds like you've got some great things planned for the coming year! Enjoy!

  5. Love your Bon Voyage card, all the best for the future!!

  6. I love your bon voyage card.Thankyou fot all your ideas. Goodbye and all the best.

  7. farewell fellow crafter, i wish you all the very best in whatever adventures you take on.

  8. id have to envious of your crafting space!!this to me is a creation in its own right :) atm i have to find space on the kitchen table, on the floor or in a corner of the living room...your layering is awsome - well done

  9. Wow, you certainly have a fantastic year to look forward too!! Am so envious! Have enjoyed your projects and just love the Bon Voyage card, the little girl is so cute!!! Good luck with all your new endeavours and am sure we will be hearing more from you in the future!!