Friday, August 9, 2013

Design Team Projects - Vicki Morris

WOW where did that year go...Hi it is Vicki here and this year on the design team has flown by so it is time for me to share some of my favourite projects which I have completed for Artfull Crafts.
I think my favourite would have to be my little angel I created.  It was fun making this and I had fun experimenting dipping a polystyrene ball with the Easycast Resin for the head.  The result turned out quite porcelain like and looked very cool with the addition of some fine wool for the hair.
I have also had fun with some other off the page projects- like this altered jewellery box.

and this frame
I have also completed some layouts which I just love so here are my favourites!

I love this one purely as this is one of my favourite colour combos!
Layouts are always special when it captures one of your child's very first photos
and the layouts are made even more special if they contain memories like the baby's wristband
and journaling with their footprint included.
 Another of my favourite colours - teal - and those birdies were very cute!
I love flowers and pastels so it is no surprise this made my top list!
Never to shy away from a challenge - I loved how this layout turned out as the collection wasn't my cup of tea to start with - but after a bit of playing I ended up liking the result!
Possibly this is my favourite layout as it captures this kids and I altogether.  As I am usually holding the camera - this is a very rare moment!
I had fun playing with some kits during the year and this was one of my favourite layouts from using one of Artfull Crafts kits!

I have had a fab time on the Artfull Crafts design team - Liz and the team are so welcoming and understanding!  It has been a pleasure - I just wish that time could slow down just a little so the year was not over so fast!
Happy Scrapping


  1. Fell in love with your LO entitled Unconditional. Hope you won't mind if I scraplift. =)

  2. Great projects. Love your layouts, and that altered jewellery box is adorable. Hope you've had a fantastic year with Artfull Crafts!

  3. The altered jewellery box was my favourite.
    Barbara Tibbles

  4. Great layouts. The layering is beautiful. Love the frame

  5. You certainly created amazing projects rich with detail! They are all so wonderful I don't think I could pick a favorite! I'm so glad you shared! Best of luck to you in the coming year!

  6. Love your angel, all the best for the future!!

  7. These are so beautiful. I thought I was going to say the frame was my favourite but once i looked at the layouts .mmmmm. so lovely. I will have to say the UNCONDITIONAL one. Partly because it is one with you in it and a fantastic photo it is to! Also because I just love the way you have showcased this amazing photo. All the best.Karen Freeman

  8. Hi. Love all your projects,
    Especially the altered jewellery box.
    Thankyou and goodbye,

  9. Great crafty ideas, especially your frame project. All the best. -Christine Santos

  10. farewell fellow crafter, i wish you all the very best in whatever adventures you take on.

  11. i loooove your altered jewellry box!!!

  12. I agree with you, the angel is just beautiful. I wouldn't even know where to start to make something like that!! Time always goes fast when your having fun and bet you have learned so much from your time with the team. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful ideas!!