Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kaisercraft Fly Free Mini Album and a goodbye from Bev

Liz's farewell note

Today we farewell Bev Cunningham - a real craft talent! She's been an active member on our Design Team and blog for over a year and we have certainly been inspired by her. She's having a busy season in her life and so she's turning her attention away from craft to other important aspects for a while. We wish her all the best and THANK her for her contributions. Best wishes!

Bev's Album and farewell

Hi everyone Bev here today with a mini album I created using the Fly Free Collection by Kaisercraft. This is a great colourful collection and I decided to do a similiar album to what I created with the Antique Bazaar Collection a few months back.  This time I can show you a simple binding technique where you don't need a zutter or cinch just a scoreboard or a scoring tool and ruler, cardstock and a strong double sided tape.

My cover is from a created from box covered in brown ink and white crackle paint. For the binding first cut out a strip of paper that is just slightly shorter than your spine of your cover. Then cut its width so it is two inches wider then the spine. Create two vertical score lines along this strip of card so that the middle section is just a little narrower than the width of the spine and the "flaps" are equal in size. Then make further strips so that they are smaller on the width of the spine but the flaps are the same size as the first strip flaps. Put double sided tape on both sides of the flaps but don't take the backing paper off. Place double sided tape along the back of the spine side of the strips. The bigger the flaps the more secure your album will be (mine are a little too small !).

Take the backing paper off the back of the strips and adhere together like so:

If you have a six by eight inch book you can use the following measurements. Create your cardstock pages by cutting eight pieces of card 5 inches wide and 12 inches long. Create a scoreline at six inches and fold in half. Here is an non folded but decorated page showing the score line. It is easier to decorate after the book is assembled!

 Once each page is folded insert a flap with backing tape removed in the open side of the page so each inner side of page is against the flap.  Hope that makes sense - once you create a mini using this binding system it is easy to recreate it.

Here is my cover and a close up of the cover:

These are the album pages which just need photos and journalling:

Hope you enjoyed viewing my album today. This is my last project as a Design Team member at Artfull Crafts as life has got too busy for me and just don't have a lot of time to do crafting. The Design team kits have been so amazing!

Thank you so much Liz for having me on the design team its been awesome and I have loved the kits!
Thank you to our readers, customers and other team members for all your lovely comments on my projects. I will still be creating and you can find my creations on my blog. Thanks again!


  1. Sad to see you go as I enjoy your creations but wishing you well with your next adventure.....Joy Chambers

  2. Well talk about going out with a bang! Such a great album and love the spine, brilliant idea! Good luck with all your new endeavours Bev :)

  3. That's awesome Bev. Wishing you all the best.

  4. Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas with us. Good luck for the future and I'm sure you'll be back soon